Remembrance – Honour – Respect

One of the major pillars of The Royal Canadian Legion is our Poppy and Remembrance Program which is why it has been a part of our mission statement for more than 90 years.

Through this program, which includes the Poster and Literary contests, an online Teachers’ Guide, the Pilgrimage of Remembrance, the National Silver Cross Mother, the Virtual Wall of Honour and Remembrance, the Presentation of the First Poppy to the Governor General of Canada followed by the Poppy Campaign and Remembrance Day ceremonies, a growing number of Canadians have come to embrace Remembrance as a fundamental part of being Canadian.

In the picture on the left is PEI Command Chairman Claus Broderson, in the middle Lt. Governor The Honorable Frank Lewis receives the first Poppy from PEI Command President John Yeo on the right.