42 Inch Husqvarna Lawn Tractor FUNDRAISER in support Veterans and Student Bursaries

P.E.I. Command has purchased a 42 inches, Husqvarna Lawn Tractor at a discounted price from Dave’s Snowmobile & Repair, and are offering Branches
the opportunity to sell these tickets to raise funds for their own Branch. Tickets are $5.00 each, in booklets of 10 with $2.00 per ticket for the Branch and $3.00
per ticket for Command to cover Purchase of mower plus administration costs, license fees, printings of tickets and in support Veterans and Student Bursaries.
The draw will take place on the 27 th June 2021 at PEI Command Annual Full Council Meeting of the Royal Canadian Legion. Tickets stubs and money shall 
be returned to Command Office at any time. The deadline for ticket stubs, money and unsold tickets to be returned to Command Office is noon on the
18 June 2021.
If your Branch is interested in this fundraiser, please contact PEI Command Office
@ 902 892 2161 or royalcanadianlegion@pei.aibn.com to arrange for pickup or
delivery of tickets – MAXIMUM OF 20 BOOKS AT A TIME.
Enclosed is a poster for each Branch.
Yours in Comradeship

Duane MacEwen
The Royal Canadian Legion
PEI Provincial Command