Cannabis use in or around Legion branches

from: Nujma Bond

Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2019 10:16 AM

To: Public Relations Officers

Subject: For info: misinformation in media


Good morning all,

This morning, we are sharing an important example of PR issue we all want to avoid: misinformation by a Legion spokesperson.

This article quotes a PRO from a branch in ON who shared info surrounding cannabis use. Assuming the report is accurate, the spokesperson indicates Dominion Command rules and fines which are not correct. Dominion Command (DEC) and Ottawa National Headquarters do not set local cannabis policy nor do we fine anyone.

Once again, cannabis use in or around Legion branches is determined locally/regionally but must also adhere to any local/regional/national government regulations.

Please circulate this example to other PR representatives as apporpriate. In this case, we will work with ON Command to quickly correct the information with the individual and the media outlet - which will likely agree to update the online article.

As has been stated several times, we are always happy to help if there are any local questions about national policies or programs.

Thanks & have a good day!
Nujma Bond

Manager, Communications / Gestionnaire, Communications


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