DEC important Information for Branches


DEC met by emergency teleconference this afternoon to discuss important situations branches are facing in light of the COVID-19 outbreak and branch closures. 

Complaint Hearings

Situation: The GBLs do not specifically address Article III delays (other than GBL 307) or the postponement of complaint hearings.  As branches are closed and operations cancelled, some in-progress complaint situations are left pending.

Decision:  Effective immediately, all current and new complaints will be held in abeyance and GBL 308.d will be amended to remove the 45 day requirement.

Dominion Convention Resolution Deadline

Situation: The current due date for receipt of dominion convention resolutions at Dominion Command is 3 May.  This provides time for review by the respective DC Committee and for the resolution to be included in the Convention Reports and Resolutions book, which must be printed and mailed to all branches 6 weeks prior to convention (GBL 919.e).  Resolutions received at DC after the 3 May deadline are considered as late resolutions (GBL 919.d); those of a routine nature will be returned to Provincial Commands and urgent resolutions will be reviewed and considered.  With branch closures, this 3 May deadline is now unmanageable for those branches that intended to submit resolutions.

Decision: The deadline date for submission of dominion convention resolutions remains unchanged, with all resolutions received after that date considered as late resolutions.  HOWEVER, all late resolutions will receive consideration at the pre-convention DEC meeting and none will be returned in advance of that meeting for being routine.

Branch Elections

Situation: Branch elections are often held in the spring, with the new executive taking office in early summer.  Branch closures have impacted the branch election process.

Decision:  Branch elections and transitions to a new executive, and branch by-laws / regulations pertaining to branch elections, are suspended pending a return to normal branch operations. 

Note: As Districts and Zones are administrative units of a Command, any change to elections at those levels will be the decision of the respective Provincial Command.

Go Fund Me Pages

Situation: Some branches have started Go Fund Me pages to raise funds to help pay bills during the period of branch closure caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.  This type of online fundraising is in conflict with section 129 of the GBLs, which places geographical limitations on where branches can appeal for financial assistance. 

Decision: Section 129 of the GBLs is rescinded in its entirely effective immediately and until further notice. 

With this action, Branch Go Fund Me pages are no longer in conflict with the GBLs and can proceed.

As information, there are government sources available to branches for financial assistance:

-       Business Development Corporation: apply online for loans up to $100K

-       All banks can be approached regarding a branch mortgage; interest-only charges for 6 months are possible, as well as re-negotiating the mortgage in light of lower rates

-       Some provinces have programs in place for Not-for-Profit organizations; applications are online

Detail on government support programs is being developed and will be shared early next week.

In comradeship,

Steven Clark

National Executive Director / Directeur exécutif national