February 2022 Covid restrictions UPDATE

I asked CPHO to answer the following questions regarding the relaxing of the COVID restriction on February 1st/2022.

Can the Legion have meetings?

Yes. Of course, the safest option at this time would be to hold the meeting virtually. However, if you do have in-person meetings, you must follow the organized gathering guidance:

- maximum of 50 people with physical distancing between different households.

- Masks are required except for officiants.

- Also keep in mind the vax pass program remains in place for discretionary events and activities.  You can find more information on the temporary measures website: https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/information/temporary-covid-19-measures#untilJanuary31

Can we meet to play some sports such as cards, shuffleboard, darts, and bingo?

Yes. Organized activities involving interaction between individuals within 6 ft are permitted with up to 20 consistent individuals. If the group normally consists of more than 20 players, they may wish to break the group into 2 groups, etc.

Masking and vax pass requirements apply here as well.

Will the Legion bars still have to provide table service or may our patrons be served at the bar?

 Patrons will need to be seated for service and to consume food/beverage. It is CPHO's hope that this will change after a few weeks. But unfortunately for now that is the requirement.

For Businesses that have staff who test positive for Covid or are identified as close contacts, please see the following sites:

  • Individuals who test positive: 


  • Individuals identified as close contacts: 


  • Information for businesses when an employee tests positive: 


  • Testing Clinic Information: 


  • Vax Pass Information: 


  • Mask Requirements: 


Keep Safe,

Duane MacEwen

President, PEI Command RCL