Legion not supporting "Yellow Vests Canada"

Jan 22, 2019  @ 3:52 p.m.

Good afternoon,

We’ve been seeing some social media chatter surrounding “yellow vest” supporters in Canada. There has been a bit of back and forth but essentially we are not endorsing, supporting or receiving funds from a politically-motivated group.

See below for some information created for social media questions, which you can draw upon, if you are faced with regional chatter:

The Legion’s position towards Yellow Vest Canada would be the same position we would carry for any group or organization with political messaging. The Royal Canadian Legion has been formed under an Act of Parliament which states that the Legion shall be democratic and non-sectarian and not affiliated to or connected directly or indirectly with any political party or partisan organization.

The Legion is a non partisan organization and we will always hold to that. The Yellow Vest movement published a promotion on Twitter that implied endorsement by, and support for the Royal Canadian Legion. However as a non-partisan organization, the Legion published a statement on Twitter to indicate the Legion is not associated with Yellow Vests. We contacted Yellow Vests and requested they remove the posting and refrain from further referral to the Legion. Additionally, the Legion will not participate in accepting donations from Yellow Vests or other partisan organizations.

(in addition: The Legion contacted Jay Riedel, spokesperson for the Yellow Vests, to explain that while we recognize the Yellow Vests is advocating for the plight of those working in the Energy sector, the Legion could not be affiliated with the political stance portrayed in their social media postings.  Mr. Riedel said he understood and would see that the posting was removed).

Nujma Bond

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