Legion Spam Alert

HI Comrades,

I received this important alert from Dominon Command today.  Please pay careful attention to the instructions aind information contained within, as there have been different occurences of this type of spam from this one.

Duane MacEwen

President, PEI Command

Good afternoon all,

If you have received an email from a company called PROLUDIC.   PLEASE DELETE and do not open/click view invoice.  This is fraudulent/SPAM/Phishing.  Example of the email that seemed to have gone to DEC@legion.ca email is below.

Just a reminder if you receive an email with similar wording such as the ones below, the chances are high that these are Phishing/Fraudulent/SPAM emails and should be deleted right away.

"Click here to get your refund"

"Your account is out of date"

“View Invoice”

“Click here to view details”

Here are a few ways to spot a phishing/SPAM attack:

Is the information request legit? Your bank will never send you an email, or call you on the phone, asking you to disclose personal information such as your password, credit or debit card number, or your mother’s maiden name.

Does the email have a sense of urgency? Warnings that your account will be closed or your access limited if you don’t reply is a telltale sign of a phishing scam.

Does the email look professional? While some fraudulent emails may look professional at first glance, if you look more closely you may notice spelling and grammatical errors, unusual language or branding that isn’t quite right.  Always look at the originating email address for clues.

Fraudulent emails may not be personalized and instead, are addressed in general terms, such as "Dear valued customer." Targeted phishing scams do exist though and can be personalized.


Angela Keeling Colkitt

Executive Assistant / Adjointe Exécutive

The Royal Canadian Legion - National Headquarters

Le siège de La Légion royale canadienne

86 Aird Place, Ottawa, K2L 0A1

T: 613-591-3335 ext 244

Toll free: 1-888-556-6222

From: Proludic Inc <mail@proludic.co.uk>
Date: September 10, 2019 at 13:17:28 GMT-4
To: dec@legion.ca
Subject: Invoice 3312 from Proludic Inc


Proludic Inc.


Here's your invoice! We appreciate your prompt payment.

Thanks for your business!
Proludic Inc.


DUE 24/09/2019


View invoice

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Proludic Inc.

11 Gilbertson Drive/Box 68, Simcoe, Ontario, N3Y 4K8