Mask Wearing Exemptions in Legions

Who is exempt from wearing a mask?

Some individuals are unable to wear masks for various reasons.

In some cases, these reasons may not be visible to others. We are not expecting Islanders to produce proof of exemption. Islanders should always treat each other with kindness, respect and understanding.

Individuals who are exempt from wearing a mask include (but not limited to):

  • Anyone who cannot remove a mask without assistance.
  • Individuals with a valid medical reason (most people with underlying medical conditions can indeed wear a mask safely)
  • Individuals during relevant treatments, services, or physical activity
  • Individuals during the consumption of food or drink

It is especially important that people unable to wear a mask practice physical distancing, wash or sanitize hands frequently and get tested if unwell. It is also recommended that people unable to wear masks, avoid, as much as possible, crowded places and large gatherings.

Can I wear a face shield, spit guard, or another mask alternative?

No. Alternatives—including face shields, spit guards, gaiters, scarves—are not as effective at preventing the transmission of viruses as non-medical masks. Face shields and spit guards do not effectively contain the spray of respiratory droplets. Neck gaiters and scarves aren't well secured to the head or ears, and are difficult to remove without contaminating yourself.

In some instances, face shields can be worn in addition to non-medical masks, as an added layer of protection. Service providers where the client’s face must be uncovered (eg. facials, dental procedures) should consider eye protection, such as a face shield, in addition to a mask.