Nijmegen March applications deadline, March 8 2019

Email: March 5, 2019

Good morning Comrades.

The deadline for applications for Nijmegen was last Thursday on the 28th of February.  As of this date I have only received applications from five Provincial Commands.  I have extended the deadline to this Friday, 8 March 2019 in case some are in the mail.

I have confirmed receipt to the Commands that I received applications from and thank you for them. For those I have not yet confirmed receipt, please follow up with me in case they were not received.

For those who have not yet sent them to me, I would be happy to receive them via scan and email or fax for deadline purposes.

The Defence and Security Committee will be considering applications in the very near future and appreciate your participation.

Yours in comradeship,


Carolyn gasser

Deputy Director Veterans Services

Directrice d’Adjointe Services aux Vétérans

T: 613-591-3335 ext 231

Toll free: 1-877-534-4666

F: 613-287-0122