Post Lock-down COVID-19 instructions

Hi Comrades,

I now have a dedicated link with the Department of Health and Wellness to update and instruct us on what we are allowed to do in our Branches.

The Liquor inspector is receiving the same instructions as what I share below.

Here is the link to the updated measures which start tomorrow.

Essentially, it would look like this:

-you can have in-room dining/beverage service with up to 50 people, seated, with at least 6 ft between different dining parties.

-the licensed sections of the building must close and have customers gone by 10 pm same as other licensed premises

-maximum number of people that can be seated together in a dining room/bar is 6.

-for other parts of the building, e.g. meeting space for a meeting, you can host a gathering with up to 50 people based on the ability to physical distance.

This is only if the "meeting room" is operated completely separate from what is happening in the bar.

-VLTs may be part of the bar area in your branch, so people using the machines would be part of the 50 people you're allowed to have in the bar.

-As for playing games such as Bingo, Cribbage, etc. this will be clarified sometime tomorrow morning as to what will be permitted in terms of games.

I will update you once I hear from my contact.

The VLT's will be turned on at 11 am tomorrow and will automatically shut down at 10 PM. .

As usual, please follow these instructions carefully.


Duane MacEwen


The Royal Canadian Legion

PEI Provincial Command