Provincial Command - ANNUAL MEETING NOTICE

28 June 2020

TO:       All PEI  Branches

Full Executive Council

Prince Edward Island Command


The PEI Command Annual Meeting (Not-For-Profit) will be held June 28, 2020 at Kingston Legion Branch #30 located in New Haven PEI, commencing at 10:00 a.m.  Legion dress is required.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the meeting will be limited to no more than 15 people.

This meeting shall present the Audited Financial statements: and approval of the auditors. 

Legion members wishing to make comments or raise comments on these 2 issues may do so by written submission to Provincial Command, P.O. Box 20132, Charlottetown, PE. C1A 9E3.

All comments or concerns are to be received at Command no later than 10 days prior to the meeting.



1.         Opening Ceremonies

2.         Greetings from Provincial President

3.         Chairman assumes Chair

4.         Roll Call of Officers

5.         Adoption of the Agenda, with additions if any

6.         Minutes of the last annual Meeting

7.         Business arising from Minutes

8.         Audited Financial Statements

9.         Business arising for Financial statement.

10.       Approval or the Audit.

11.       Appointment of 202- 2021 Auditors.

12.       Questions/Concerns from Branches.

13.       Adjournment