Some Branches in Canada remain open and should not be

Hi to All,

Hope you are well. I/we can see through media clippings and other public info that some branches across the country remain open despite recommendations from authorities.

Iā€™d like to share some PR information that may help. Over the weekend, the federal health minister was clear when speaking with media that if Canadians decide not to cooperate with local advisories and recommendations voluntarily, instructions will become mandatory and will be far more restrictive overall for everyone ā€“ with violators facing fines and arrest.

The situation is already pretty restrictive, so why help push authorities to create even greater confinement for all? Media could also describe a Legion Branch as not being very neighbourly by ignoring the rules ā€“ which would be bad PR during an already difficult time.

There are other ways to continue helping people even if a Branch is closed to the public and examples are popping up across the country. If helpful, the examples could be shared with Branches to spark ideas.

We also have COVID-19 updates at where people can get info about accessing help Veterans Services/Service Officers if needed.

For information/consideration & have a good day!

Nujma Bond

Manager, Communications / Gestionnaire, Communications