Branch bar service and games questions

There is still some confusion on rules pertaining to Branch activities during this circuit breaker period regarding Darts, Washer Toss, Crib, 45’s (cards), Chase the Ace, shuffleboard, pool etc. here is the ruling:

Legion Branch games would only be permitted if the individuals stay within their personal circle, therefore tournament style games would not be permitted.

So what can we organize and play?

  • If you are normally grouped into a foursome for the normal organized games, then you can stay with that same foursome and just practice, have scrimmages, etc. but not play against any other teams.
  •  If you are not normally part of a foursome/team, then one could be created and that is who you would practice/scrimmage with for the rest of the circuit breaker.

There may also be some confusion with regards to Bar Service.

Must the customer be seated, and have their order taken, or can they go to the Bar masked and order a drink and then be seated?

With regards to bar service, the patrons must be seated when an order is taken and then the drink would be brought to the patron at the table.

Please ensure you wear your masks within the branch unless you are eating or drinking at your table