Indigenous Veterans Initiative


At the start of 2019, the Last Post Fund introduced the Indigenous Veterans Initiative.

Since 1909, the Last Post Fund’s mission is to ensure that no Veteran is denied a dignified funeral and burial, as well as a military gravestone, due to insufficient funds at time of death. Over 12,000 Indigenous people have served in the Canadian Armed Forces since WW1, with over 100 from Prince Edward Island according to a list put together by amateur researcher Yann Caselnot.

The Indigenous Veterans Initiative has two components:

  • Indigenous Unmarked Graves To provide grave markers to Indigenous Veterans deceased for over 5 years and lying in unmarked graves.
  • Indigenous Traditional Name Marking To add traditional names of Indigenous Veterans to existing military grave markers.

We hope to reach more Indigenous Veterans’ families that may need a tombstone for their family member who served, so we appreciate you sharing the attached posters and information. Please feel free to share the poster widely through social media and with your contacts (poster attached in .jpeg and .pdf).

As always since 1909, please note that we welcome applications for a tombstone for all Veterans that served and are lying in an unmarked grave through the Unmarked Grave Program and assistance for funeral costs through the Funeral and Burial Program.

Thanks very much in advance!

Maria Trujillo

Indigenous Project CoordinatorCoordonnatrice de project Autochtone

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