Legion response to Vax Pass Restriction Removal


With the removal of the Vaccination Passport to gain access to businesses by the provincial government, the umbrella of the legality of imposing this restriction is now gone. 

There are two scenarios to your question:

  • Is your branch an open facility to the public? or
  • Is it a membership-only facility?

In both scenarios, the membership of your branch needs to vote on retaining the policy.  

If members voted to retain the restriction then the answer is obvious.  If your branch is open to the public then the same applies and the branch will have to enforce the Vax Pass or stay closed to the public. 

However, as the Legion has been in strict compliance with government regulations it would be a problem if a branch arbitrarily decided to restrict members based on a policy that is no longer in effect. 

Branches should certainly expect backlash. 

What that means is the complaint system could be used to address this issue. especially from those against vaccination or those making reference to the government removing the mandatory requirement. 

(As an autonomous entity, your branch has authority over branch operations., it does not mean a branch is required to let unvaccinated people in – it just means the branch is no longer required to stop them from entering.)

For your consideration,

Duane MacEwen

Provincial President PEI Command

(Thanks to Dominion Command for their input)